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The most well-written character in the Dragon Ball franchise is Goku. He and his family have a larger role in the story, and are given more screen time. In this article, we’ll explore all of Goku’s family tree which is also Dragon Ball Z Family Tree and identify who is related to him.

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Dragon Ball is one of the biggest and most successful anime franchises ever, with some of the best action moments, life-changing events, and compelling characters.

This series is full of excitement, action and adventure. The journey of from low-class to the strongest mortal in the universe is shown in this show.

In this journey, he marries Chi Chi and has two sons with her: Gohan and Goten. Later in the series, we learn about his brother, Raditz. His parents are introduced in special episodes as well.

If you haven’t seen the entire Dragon Ball Z series, it can be confusing figuring out about Dragon Ball Z Family Tree, who’s related to Goku and who’s not. I’ve written a helpful article about who is in his family tree, so go ahead and check it out. It won’t take you long; this brief article tells you everything you need to know. So without further ado, let’s dive into the article!

Goku, who is he?

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Goku is the central character of Dragon Ball, also the central Dragon Ball Z Family Treeand the strongest member of Earth’s world. He first appeared as an innocent and powerful child with a tail on his back in Dragon Ball. Over the course of Dragon Ball he grew into a well-built, strong man with an impressive appearance.

Many people know about Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball. He’s a kind and compassionate warrior who remains loyal to his friends, family, and society. He’s also very strong and refuses to let anyone get close to him without being able to defend himself. He has two sons: Gohan and Goten.

After fighting off a Gratuitous Violence from Cell, Goku had to take his son Gohan under his wing. He trained him in a time chamber that helped turn him into the fighter he was destined to be. Goku works as a farmer, raising radishes for much of the series and showing all of the emotions humans are capable of through it.

So, Lets Find Out About Dragon Ball Z Family Tree – Or Goku’s Family Tree

12. Mr. Satan (Goku’s Daughter-in-law’s Father)

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We don’t know much about Mr. Satan’s family, other than his daughter and Videl.

The world champion of all fighting styles is Satan, who is also the Earth’s “saviour”. When Goku and his team were on Namek planet, he won this title by defeating normal Earthlings in the World Martial Arts Tournament. He has a confident personality, which is kind and brave as well.

Think of a Dragon Ball Z Family Tree character and there’s a good chance Satan is ultimately on your list. He has an imposing figure (tall with black, curly hair), and he’s infamous for defeating Cell in the Cell games. As a result, one city’s name changed from ‘Orange City,’ to ‘Satan City,’ with the townsfolk crediting success to his win.

After witnessing Satan’s generosity, charity, and valour against Majin Buu, Goku absolutely adores him. He’s the only one who convinced Earth’s people to put their energy towards Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb in order to defeat Kid Buu.

11. Ox-King (Goku’s Father-in-law)

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Ox-King is the father of Chi-Chi and, therefore, holds the position as father-in-law in Goku’s family tree. He’s the King of the Fire Mountain, and his castle is covered in flames. He’s also known as Ox-Demon, but his real name is Gyumao. His demeanor is very friendly, innocent, and entertaining. Because of his big size and abundant facial hair, many people tend to think he’s a demon.

Ox-King was a martial artist who was always accompanied by an axe. At the Turtle School, he learned so much about fighting and training under Master Roshi. His appearance changed after Dragon Ball ended, and now he wears normal clothes and glasses. He was friendly and caring with his family, constantly making trips to spend time with his daughter.

Oki-King also appeared in the Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone film where he delivered books to Gohan as a gift. He also made an appearance in the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film. He appears at Bulma’s birthday party at Capsule Corporation in this one, too.

10. Grandpa Gohan (Goku’s Adoptive Grandfather)

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One of an important part of Dragon Ball Z Family Tree, Grandpa Gohan is the most important person in Son Goku’s life. He is also the earliest family member introduced, and the one who sheltered Son Goku from the death wave.

Grandpa Gohan has a really kind, adorable personality. He discovered an unknown child in the woods and adopted him to train him to become one of his students.

As a student of Master Roshi, Grandpa Gohan was an excellent martial-artist and his top student.

Grandpa Gohan’s adventures with Goku include the Fortuneteller Baba Saga where he appeared as a gentleman without an identity. He has also faced off against Goku in several other sagas, including the travels after Dragon Ball’s end. In this saga, he fought wearing a fox mask and was eager for stronger competition.

Grandpa Gohan caused a lot of damage to Goku in this fight, temporarily turning him into a “healing machine” and nearly killing him. But, he eventually reveals his identity as his estranged disciple. He is very proud of Goku for having come so far and fought well.

9. Goku Jr. (Goku’s Descendant)

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We don’t know much about Goku’s family tree or Dragon Ball Z Family Tree in the GT series. They time skip to a distant era, where he and his descendants are established as the main protagonists. Goku Jr. is the son of Goku, who appeared as the main character in the Dragon Balls: A Hero’s Legacy movie and later again in Dragon Ball GT. In this episode, he competes against Vegeta in a World Martial Arts Tournament match which really showcases his incredible power.

Goku Jr. looks similar to his ancestor, Goku, from the Dragon Ball series. He has all the same characteristics as his ancestor, such as the signature hairstyle and skin color. He also has some similarities with opponents from that series, including emotions similar to Videl’s. Lastly, he loves wearing a red headband.

In the film Hero’s Legacy, he meets Goku, a powerful warrior in order to learn how to become strong in order to save his loved ones. After he meets Goku, he can finally be brave and fight in the way of Goku.

8. Gine (Goku’s Mother)

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It wasn’t until recently that Son Goku’s mom was later named as Gine. She officially became a part of his Dragon Ball Z Family Tree in 2014.

The most interesting female character of Dragon Ball is Gine, who is a warrior and mother to Goku. She only appears in a few series in the franchise, but despite this she has become quite popular among fans. She first appeared in a special episode of Dragon Ball Minus: Departure of the Fated Child before later appearing in the latest Dragon Ball Super film.

Gine is kind, gentle and caring to people she meets. Like her son and husband, Goku, she’s also physically strong. She’s been a warrior who’s sparred with some of the galaxy’s worst fighters before exiting the ring. Today, she works at Planet Vegeta’s meat distribution center as a vegetarian.

Gine enjoys and cares a lot for her husband, two sons, and her pet dog Bardock. Gine is very sad when she learns that Bardock sent Goku to Earth, but happy that Raditz has been chosen as Prince Vegeta’s team member.

7. Bardock (Goku’s Father)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (8)

Bardock is a low-class Saiyan warrior and the father of Goku, also an important part of his Dragon Ball Z Family Tree. Bardock first made his debut in “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku” special episode. His physical appearance and hairstyle are similar to those of his son, Goku, but he has a darker skin tone like Raditz.

Bardock is a fearless character with an energetic nature and enjoys fighting. He has strong ties to his family and race and has good judgment in pursuing missions. Bardock’s leadership skills are exceptional, which allows him to complete all his missions successfully using a combination of courage, strategy, and skill.

One out of three Saiyans, Bardock is the most powerful and devoted soldier in Frieza’s army. He has a strong sense of self-worth and is the only one who has dared to challenge Frieza.

6. Raditz (Goku’s Brother)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (9)

Raditz is a full-blooded saiyan warrior and Goku’s elder brother in his Dragon Ball Z Family Tree. He is also introduced early in the show under the alias of “Raditz the Runt.” He is also the first blood related family member of Goku to be introduced in the show.

Raditz first appeared in Dragon Ball Z as the first and main antagonist. He has long black spiky hair that resembles Goku’s Super Saiyan 3.

Raditz is an arrogant, brutal character who only wants to become as powerful as Vegeta and Nappa. He comes to Earth to recruit Goku for his team, who he sees as weak. Raditz wishes revenge against Frieza for destroying their planet and causing the extinction of the Saiyan races as a result. In the fight with Piccolo and Goku, Raditz wins easily due to his enormous power level.

Raditz had great confidence in his abilities. He enjoyed making short appearances in the movies Bardock – The Father of Goku and Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

5. Chi-Chi (Goku’s Wife)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (10)

Chi-Chi is the wife of Goku and the princess of Fire Mountain. She’s an excellent martial artist and the most powerful woman on Earth. Chi-chi was introduced as a quiet and fearful girl, but later became a tomboyish girl with a harsh and energetic personality.

Chi-Chi is a lovely woman, who loves to protect the ones she loves. She’s proud of her home and family life with Goku, which makes her a loving and domineering mother figure. Throughout the series, Chi-Chi remains fiercely loyal to those close to her and never stops expressing her deep affection for them.

In the Red Ribbon Army Saga, she demonstrated her combat abilities against several Red Ribbon soldiers and fought in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, where she advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, she fought against Goku – her husband in Dragon Ball Z Family Tree and was easily defeated.

4. Videl (Goku’s Daughter-in-law)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (11)

Videl is the daughter of Mr. Satan and the daughter-in-law of Goku in Dragon Ball Z Family Tree. She is a woman with an incredible body, light blue eyes and always sexy fashion sense.

Videl first appeared as a major character in Dragon Ball Z Episode 200. She later appeared in the Dragon Super series, but made her reappearance in Dragon Ball Z: Trunks and Son go to Time Warp!

Videl initially appeared to be a tomboyish girl who was rigid, self-reliant, and harsh. She is a martial artist that has won the Junior World Martial Arts Tournament. She learned to fly by controlling ki and various combat skills from Gohan after meeting him.

Videl fell in love with him while training with him, and they later married. They had a daughter named Pan together, who was only four weeks old when they were married.

At first, Videl was extremely overbearing and aggressive. After she married Gohan though, these changes became evident. She takes on all of the family responsibilities and cares for everyone in their house, like Chi-Chi. She is also a good mother who encourages her daughter, Pan, to pursue her dreams.

3. Pan (Goku’s Grand-daughter)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (12)

Pan is the granddaughter of Goku and Mr. Satan, and she was born a quarter Saiyan with traits inherited from both her parents, Gohan and Videl, which we talked about in the above part of Dragon Ball Z Family Tree .

Pan was introduced in the popular Japanese anime show Dragon Ball Z. In the 3rd series of even more popular Dragon Ball, she had a critical role.

She had short hairstyles like her mother and grandmother, Videl, when she was younger. As she aged, her hairstyles changed to a more sophisticated style and often left her looking more grown-up than her years. She’s quite confident with very few moments of hesitation or doubt.

The audience of Dragon Ball Super is given the impression that Pan is extremely charismatic and lively. She is shown to be skilled in battle and gets along with her friends.

2. Gohan (Goku’s Elder son)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (13)

Gohan is arguably the strongest and most important member of the Saiyan family tree. He is the eldest son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and he dislikes fighting, but when it comes to protecting him or his loved ones, he turns into a formidable fighter.

Gohan is one of the characters in the Dragon Ball series who has earned a reputation for being outstanding.

He was first introduced as a humble and bright child. His appearance as a child is that of a decent small boy with short, spiky hair. In adulthood, he has the same facial features as Goku and the same hairstyle as Yamcha. He had a close relationship with his family and his mentor, Piccolo.

In the Cell Saga, Gohan is the main character and takes on the form of a Super Saiyan 2. In this arc, he commands the power of his Super Saiyan 2 form to destroy Cell, saving both Earth and Trunks at the end of the fight. He also has another significant role in Dragon Ball Super as well as playing a key part in the Tournament of Power, where he eventually comes out on top.

1. Goten (Goku’s Younger Son)

Dragon Ball Z Family Tree - All You Need To Know About Goku's Fam - Anime Everything (14)

Goten is Goku’s son and is the younger brother of Gohan.

Goten is a Saiyan hybrid and the youngest son of Goku. He first debuted in 201 of Dragon Ball Z, with similar facial features to his father, Goku. It’s lighthearted demeanor makes it easy to approach him and its light spirit is wonderfully appealing.

Goten had good manners and respect for others. He had a lot of respect and love for his brother, Gohan. He loved his father, Goku, but he was stronger than him when he was young. In the Dragon Ball Z: Broly-Second Coming movie, Goten assisted Gohan in defeating Broly by using their family’s Kamehameha.

Goten played an important role in some of the most popular episodes of Dragon Ball Z, as well as in his own storyline. He demonstrated his incredible strength and merged with Trunks to form a powerful Super Saiyan hybrid called Gotenks who fought Majin Buu fearlessly.

That’s all the people in Goku’s family tree!

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