Pixelmon 9.0.1 - Pixelmon (2024)

Pixelmon 9.0.1 - Pixelmon (1)


Pixelmon adds many aspects of the Pokémon into Minecraft, including the Pokémon themselves, battling, trading, and breeding. Pixelmon also includes an assortment of new items, including prominent items like Poké Balls and TMs, new resources like bauxite ore and Apricorns, and new decorative blocks like chairs and clocks.

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Pixelmon 9.0.1

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"Pixelmon players, soon to be Vampire hunters..."

  • Pixelmon for 1.16.5 requires Java 8, up to 11. Go further at your own risk....

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon:
  • Kleavor
  • Ursaluna
  • Sneasler
New Pokémon Forms:
  • Hisuian Avalugg
  • Hisuian Lilligant
  • Hisuian Sneasel
  • Hisuian Typhlosion
New Items:
  • 17494 Updated the Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar
  • Added waterlogging to Temple Pillar and Broken Temple Pillar.
  • Added Black Augurite.
  • Added Peat Block.
  • Added Silver Base.
  • Added /poketake [player] <slot> command.
  • Added /tradesim [player] <slot> [simulation] command.
  • Added /movelist <pokemon> command.
  • Added /tms <pokemon> command.
  • 17767 All commands now support Minecraft-native selectors, such as (@p, @r, @a, @s, @e[type=player]).
  • Commands now require a target player's full username.


  • Removed hammering mechanics from Pokéball crafting.
  • Added recipe for Iron Base, Aluminum Base, Silver Base, Wooden Base and Platinum Base.
  • Removed Iron Disc and Aluminum Disc.
  • 17489 Added Tumblestone-based recipes for Ancient Poké Ball, Ancient Great Ball, Ancient Ultra Ball, Ancient Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball and Jet Ball as well as their Lids.
  • Updated ball recipes to split between tiers of Ball Bases (i.e. Aluminum/Iron, Silver, Platinum).
  • Replaced all recipes using Aluminium Plate to Aluminium Ingot: Healer, PC, Infuser, Fossil Cleaner, Movement Plate, Stick Plate, Gym Sign, Item Finder, Trade Monitor, Trade Holder Right, Trade Holder Left, Trade Panel, Green Tank, Orange Tank, Camera, Fossil Machine Top and Fossil Machine Base.
  • Disabled Pixelmon anvil usage.
  • Removed Mechanical Anvil.
  • Added Blast Furnace smelting mechanic for Black Augurite.
  • Added PokéDollars default balance to general config.
  • Updated Raids with new Pokémon star spread.
  • Updated default raid star weightings in the raids config.
  • Removed silicon, type gems, feather, grass, brick, clay, blaze powder from all raid drops.
  • Updated the experience candy spread on boss drops.
  • Added EXP. Share to high tier boss loot.
  • Added evolution stones to common boss drops.
  • Added silver and gold bottle cap to high tier boss drops.
  • Removed all berries from Pokéloot drops.
  • Added power held items to high tier Pokéloot drops.
  • Added experience and ability items into high tier Pokéloot drops.
  • Lowered the chances of Apricorn or Berries from Forage drops.
  • Added Tumblestone, Sky Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, Peat Block and Black Augurite to Pokédrops, External Move: Rock Smash, Mineshafts and Village Masons.
  • Updated item attack damage for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
  • Updated item attack speed for Pixelmon tools and weapons.
  • Updated textures for Temple Brick and Temple Block.
  • Added missing cosmetic Sableye Hat.
  • Added missing online forms Cinderace 'Goku' and Mothim 'Bug Catcher' forms.
  • Updated evolution method for Petilil, Bergmite, Ursaring, Quilava and Scyther.
  • Updated spawntimes for Raikou, Eternatus, Type:Null, Cosmog, Volcanion, Landorus, Kyurem, Regigigas, Mesprit, Registeel, Rayquaza and Jirachi.
  • Added new Ocean raid dens.
  • Added new Beach, Badlands, Forest, Snowy, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna, Desert, Jungle and Swamp waypoint structures.


  • Registry mismatch when a client(BYG+Pixelmon or ExplorerCompass+Pixelmon) connects to a server(Pixelmon).
  • Enforced server resource packs not downloading properly.
  • 17692 Storage failure when saving a player with boss(mega) save data.
  • 17590 Data transfer failures resulting from MoveSkill data when first loading on 9.0.0.
  • 17568 Critical security data issue on world loading.
  • 17530 Crash caused by a Pixelmon incompatibility during world load with OpenTerrainGenerator.
  • 17558 Mules spawning in the wild and replaced their spawn egg by Mudsdale and Mudbray.
  • 17551 Berry Wood planks not dropping their respective block.
  • Removed Pokébags from being equipped on the chest armour slot.
  • 17593 Significant duplication exploit with Pokébags.
  • 17514 Crash caused by mega evolving Charizard/Mewtwo.
  • 17601 Mewtwo spawning from the Cloning Machine.
  • 17519 Exporting Pokémon from the PokéEditor not displaying properly in the UI.
  • 17540 Statue labels not rendering correctly.
  • 17548 Berry Boats not dropping the correct Berry Wood boat.
  • Command header for /ivs.
  • Move descriptions for Ceaseless Edge, Wildbolt Storm, Springtide Storm, Triple Arrows, Raging Fury, Bleakwind Storm, Bitter Malice, Infernal Parade, Chloroblast, Sandsear Storm, Mountain Gale, Power Shift, Barb Barrage, Psyshield Bash, Shelter, Wave Crash, Dire Claw, Esper Wing, Headlong Rush, Lunar Blessing, Mystical Power, Take Heart and Victory Dance.
  • Aqua, Galactic and Magma boss trainers dropdown display name in the NPC Editor.
  • 17550 Warp plate block rendering.
  • 17577 Disabled Berry Boats stacking in inventory.
  • Removed redundant structures.json file.
  • Textures on Platinum Ore and Block, Silver Ore and Block, Aluminium Block, Unown Block Blank, Braille Block Blank, as well as Platinum and Silver shovels.
  • 17521 Smelting recipes for Bauxite Ore, Silicon Ore, Silver Ore, Platinum Ore, Boiled Egg, and Toast.
  • 17490 Command permission checks defaulting to cheats-enabled.
  • 17576 Hisuian Goodra's Pokémon cry sound.
  • 17633 Red and Blue orbs causing a client crash when the block underneath them is broken.
  • 17649 Move Tutors interacting with fainted Pokémon, causing a crash.
  • Move Tutors interacting with an empty slot, causing a crash.
  • Pokémon spec gen:,canmegaevolve and random in command usage.
  • 17643 17830 Coalossal, Spirit Eevee and Moltres emissive textures.
  • Move errors for Rapidash, Samurott, MrMime, Basculin and Decidueye on level-up.
  • 17644 Galarian Zigzagoon's evolution to Galarian Linoone.
  • 17684 Pixelmon Rock overlapping Stone Bricks recipe.
  • 17603 Sento and Tobu badge sprites.
  • 17522 Pokémon Editor not refreshing properly Pokéball specs.
  • 17676 Metal and gem ore blocks dropping when mined with an empty hand.
  • 17657 Scary Face, Ground Birds and Cut move skills related client crashing.
  • 17701 Pokemon Spawner number field causing a client crash.
  • 17699 Nincada's evolution mechanic.
  • Command sources targeting returning the wrong command output.
  • Command target selectors printing invalid argument errors.
  • 17709 Move spec usage crashing if the move spec had a spaced out name.
  • 17788 Fixed Vintage Beef's online form Wobbuffet causing a client crash.
  • 17746 Fixed shorn default Wooloo sprite.
  • 15151 Fixed sizes for Galarian Stunfisk, Indeedee (male), Indeedee (female) and Drapion.
  • 17725 17750 Lang entries for Weak Lure Casing, Fractured Temple Pillar, Aguav Berry Log and Aluminium Shovel.
  • 17679 Evolution lines for Hatenna and Hattrem.
  • 17663 Scroll of Water improperly evolving Kubfu.
  • 17783 Goomy evolution method to Hisuian Sliggoo during thunderstorms.
  • Chat output when enchanted a Ruby with an underleveled lake spirit.
  • G-Max form names under the chisel UI.
  • High friendship return message when maximizing happiness.
  • Waypoint rendering when loading up with JourneyMaps.
  • 17862 17869 17868 Evolution methods for Hisuian Goodra, Impidimp, Morgrem, Dreepy, Drakloak, Galarian MrMime, MimeJr and MrRime.
  • 17871 Hisuian Zoroark spawning levels.
  • Structures not having the proper Y level upon world generation.
  • 17711 Pokédex progression resetting when switching between singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • 17840 Horse hoof sounds when mounting Pokémon.
  • 17683 Apricorn Leaves decaying after harvesting.
  • Regice sound erroring on startup.
  • Raid structures sometimes spawning above their recommended Y level.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17583 'Splinters'-related status moves improperly displaying the effect in battle.
  • 17225 Fell Stinger not making physical contact.
  • 17024 Dual Wingbeat's Max Airstream base power from 90 to 130.
  • 17125 Snorlax' G-Max Replenish not inflicting damage.
  • 17214 Targeting to hit all adjacent opponents and change flinch chance from 30% to 20%.
  • 17226 Z-Weather Ball's base power and typing.
  • Fixed Rollout not using PP when it never misses.
  • 17095 Contrary and Simple ignoring abilities with a switch-in effect, such as Intimidate.
  • 17089 Z-Mirror Move not turning into the corresponding Z-Move when used.
  • 17071 Multi-Hit moves being capable of breaking a shield on each hit.
  • 17336 Mold Breaker not breaking Illusion.
  • 17092 Hidden Power to also change type when used as a Max Move.
  • 17698 Gengar's Ghostium-Z move when used in battle as a mega.


  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Dutch translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.


  • External models causing a crash when loading from our datapack system.
  • Enabled usage of a resource's full filepath location in our .pqc model repository.
  • Fixed capital letter usage breaking datapacking in forms.
  • Extended Pokédex to datapacked custom Pokémon species.


  • Updated constant values in PixelmonForms for MEGA_X and MEGA_Y
  • Add getter for pre-evolutions.
  • Added missing isLegendary and isUltraBeast easy checks.
  • Added HiddenPowerCalculateEvent.
  • Added API Pokemon#isUnbreedable
  • Added API Pokemon#isUncatchable
  • Added API Pokemon#isUntradeable
  • Added API PixelmonEntity#isUncatchable
  • Added doFailEffect to CaptureLogic for PokéBalls.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed old PixelmonSpawnerEvent
  • Added PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Pre
  • Added PixelmonSpawnerEvent#Post
  • Updated ServerRedirect to 1.4.4a. Thanks to KaiNoMood for making this happen.


Pixelmon-1.16.5-9.0.1-universal.jar(370.37 MiB) Primary



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