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Mike Ponticelli

2 years ago

I don't have too much experience thus far as a pet owner (we adopted our dog after it's previous owner passed away), but I'd recommend Village West to anyone and everyone who cares about their animal friends.I live about a mile away from Village West Vet though and am very pleased with their service. The staff is friendly, the pricing is reasonable, and it has been very convenient to make and attend appointments and their clinic. I like best though that they're patient with me and indulge the questions I have about stuff that I don't feel like googling: when will he grow out of biting? how to I clean his ears? is [this] medication or [that] procedure necessary?

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2 years ago

This office has the most frustrating scheduling system that I still don't understand. Instead of having a way to schedule a time a few days in the future for a vet visit, they ask you to call the morning of to see if they have any cancellations? They seemed irritated and confused that I am out-of-town and can't come in at a moment's notice. I need to schedule an appointment a few days in the future that works with my travel and work schedule. You know - the definition of an appointment. A week of phone tag, confusion, and honestly pretty rude staff and I still don't have a vet appointment. At this point it's sincerely easier for me to find a new vet so that's what I did

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d c krause

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful doctors and staff. My dog has a difficult to diagnose disease and they put in the time and effort to figure out what was wrong. Been coming here for years.Word to the wise, book early. Since the pandemic it has gotten harder to get an appointment. Seems like everybody got a pet in the last year.

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Christopher Sawicki II

2 years ago

Worst service ever! They refused service to a sick dog. Not cool!

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Bryan Dunk

2 years ago

Honestly I'm not sure why I've gone so long without leaving a review for Village West Vet. They've been my vet for my 3 cats for the past 5 years and have been nothing short of fantastic.The staff are all extremely friendly and helpful and well informed. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Silverman have been a pleasure to work with.For the most part I've only seen them for routine check ups and the like, but recently have had to get more involved for one of my cats, and they have been great support through it all.Without a doubt I'll continue to have my cats cared for here, they really are great.

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Karen M

2 years ago

9/9/2021 - I gave a review back in 2017 of FIVE stars. Since then, the entire front office and support staff has turned over. I recently left this practice and decided to take my pets elsewhere to receive better care. The level of service, competency and professionalism by various people in the office, as well as the effort to communicate, ability to ask clarifying questions and respect for clients’ time has pushed me over my limit.2017 - I have been taking my pets to see Dr. Silverman for 3 or 4 years now. He's so compassionate, detailed, caring - and just overall a great person and doctor. I had to put my elderly dog to sleep, and I was a ball of emotions and sadness over the realization that my dog wasn't living a good-quality life and that it was time to let him go. He and his staff were very thoughtful and tried to make a very, very hard experience as good as it could be. I trust Dr. Silverman whole heartedly and appreciate that he answers questions timely, discusses all of the options for care, when issues arise, and clearly informs me on the pros and cons of each option.

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Kenneth Mroz

2 years ago

Once you get an appointment and meet the doctor it’s a good experience . But that’s the thing , it’s nearly impossible to see a doctor especially if there is an emergency. They make it your problem when they don’t have availability where YOU need to call everyday to check availability. You think they would follow up but they don’t. Again nothing against the doctors here but the customer service is garbage.

Whoever the the male front desk person is who takes phone calls is terribly rude and unprofessional. Wanna know the best way to drive away clients? Hiring people like him.

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Kavi Weaver

2 years ago

I trust these lovely folx. Dr. Bruce has spent way too much of his own time just to reassure me about the safety of procedures there, and Felicia went out of her way to talk me down from an anxiety attack about pet care. I'd recommend this office to anyone

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Jonathan C Arthur

3 years ago

Dr Silverman is a very thorough vet with excellent communication skills.

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Judy Jackson

3 years ago

They might be 5 stars but because of Covid-19 we are not allowed in exam room with pet. I was super worried and because this was are first time visiting, I'm not 100 percent sure if my cat got all the shots. His nails was cut beautifully though. Staff was super nice. Once we are able to see the place I will be able to give a complete evaluation.

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Ashley Burrell

3 years ago

Dr Bruce Silverman is a awesome veterinarian. My cat Casper had seen 3 specialists and had stem cell therapy and several other treatments that never worked. He also had severe damage to his private area from being a stray with paralyzed hind legs he drunk his self over dirt rocks glass everything else tearing his private area to a unrecognizable state i had been trying to heal for 5 months under vet treatment none worked Dr Silverman rushed him in on extremely short notice and repaired the area to function. best vet ever will never go anywhere else

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Ashley Mills

3 years ago

Awesome peopleThis is by far the best vetrinary center and the best vet Dr Bruce Silverman in the city of Chicago. I recieved a severely disabled cat last October for cacc. He had hind leg paralysis and couldn't empty his bladder on his ow along with this becausehe was a stray or could not use.his back legs his privatearea.was a big bloody mess.. So he required expression to empty his bladder. I took this cat to 3 different vets that got no where with him. I took him to Dr.Silverman and he did a surgery to debridd all.the dead tissue around his private area. This was less than a week ago and he is functioning normally. He also began laser for his paralysis. Today was his 3rd laser and he can already kick and move his back legs as well as walk or run a short distance. I will never be able to tha k Dr Bruce Silverman enough.

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grace chang

3 years ago

Dr Silverman is the best! Easy to make an appointment, staff is extremely responsive. They always take great care of my cat and they’re a top notch animal hospital. Pricing is extremely reasonable as well. Won’t go anywhere else.UPDATED REVIEW:My cat ate a foreign body, Dr. Silverman saw her immediately and took care of her. He is kind and compassionate, and an extremely knowledgable vet. I credit him for saving her life. Wouldn't trust anyone else.

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Johnny Cather

3 years ago

Village West Veterinary is great. Dr. Miller is so thorough and is great at explaining everything in a way that we can understand. We feel very comfortable bringing our cats to her and the Village West team. Every visit so far has been nothing but positive, and we will continue to bring our pets here as long as we are in the area!

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Andrii Grey

3 years ago

I highly recommend to choose a different hospital... unless you have unlimited amount of money and you don’t care if your pat is taken care of by profession.

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Ananya Stoller

3 years ago

I have only ever had positive experiences at Village West. The staff is great. My pets see Dr. Silverman and I always appreciate that I can get all my questions answered. Even after something routine like shots, I can expect a call from the office to check up on how my pets are doing. Great care and service for the price.

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ashley garrison

3 years ago

I've been bringing my older cat to Village West for almost 2 years now. Dr. Silverman and his team are reliable, helpful, and compassionate. I always know my cat is in great hands if something comes up health-wise, and I need to bring her in. When I first brought her to VW, they were able to identify why she was having health problems, and provided a clear solution. Dr. Silverman is caring and provides so much detail to help me understand how to help. I would recommend this team to anyone who wants their fur babies to have incredible care!

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Beth McKay

3 years ago

A little pricey but very professional and took my cat in quicker than others when she needed to go in.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (20)

Sam Hoehnle

3 years ago

Always compassionate care. The vets really spend time talking to you about your pets and show a deep passion for what they do.

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Yooie Chang

3 years ago

Completely unprofessional and lacking in integrity. Their receptionists are overworked and unorganized. They gave inaccurate information about my dog and refused to take responsibility for it. Go elsewhere

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (22)

Mal Burns

3 years ago

I tried to make an appointment for my cat last week who was showing some signs of allergies and or an upper respiratory infection. I explained that her appetite and energy level was great. They told me the soonest appointment was the following week (which seems pretty standard to me). I said great, and asked about scheduling. After being put on hold the vet tech came back on and refused to book me, stating "don't you want to call another vet and find a sooner appointment? With her symptoms I wouldn't wait". I was shocked they were refusing me and also making me feel like a bad pet owner for not getting her emergency care when I know my cat and have for eight years, and I know her symptoms were NOT life threatening. I felt horrible and shamed by the vet tech who essentially shooed me away. I called a handful of other vets and sure enough, the same day they had available was pretty universal the only day most vets in my neighborhood had available. I just finally had my appointment with Boulevard Vet Logan Square, who never questioned my decision on waiting for her appointment, exclaimed what a healthy cat she was, and confirmed what I suspected that it was just an upper respiratory infection. She was given amazing, affordable treatment and the staff treated me with the respect Village West failed to.After my cat was rejected by Village West and I was made to feel guilt for the choices I was made for my cat, I will be entirely sure to stray any friends of mine in the area away from Village West.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (23)

Martina Skalova

3 years ago

I've been disappointed with the downward trajectory with the level of service I've received over the last 6 months. It seems like the staff are too busy and harried to take an interest in my dog when he's been injured, will be looking elsewhere.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (24)

melissa ortiz

3 years ago

No. I asked for a autopsy to know WHY my dog passed and you cremated her without asking what I asked for. You then could NOT admit that your employee didnt follow procedure and then told me, "I think you need to just grieve" as if I made up the ask for the autopsy. And then you called my actual vet outside of Chicago to get information without my consent. I'm glad they have better procedures than you. Zack is also a horrible receptionist rushing me to pay while my dog just passed.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (25)

Mia Casale

3 years ago

Do not go here. These crooks charged us over $600 for a routine annual checkup for a completely healthy indoor cat that they had seen a year earlier. Furthermore, we brought her in at 9am and after calling 6 hours later to see if she was still alive, she still hadn't been seen. After 45 minutes, we called again and she was done. Obviously, she had been forgotten.I'm happy to pay extra to support local businesses, but this is borderline criminal. Unless you want your animal to be tortured needlessly and charged an arm and a leg for it, I would not recommend this business.See photo for charges. Highlighted are the ones that, by their own admission, were unnecessary "add-ons."

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (26)

Yhon Llanos

3 years ago

Our family dog (Nino) had ate some bones the night before (6/12/2020), and in the morning (6/11/2020) he seemed to be having troubles eating and drinking water. We kept a close eye on our dog and then realized he was having trouble breathing, almost as if he was gasping for air. I called Village West Veterinary in order to get my dog seen, as it was the closest place nearby. After I took my dog in, they performed X-rays and tests. Due to COVID-19 Protocol, we were to wait outside and stay on the cellphone with the vet. As I was on the call with the Veterinarian, he mentioned that our dog had certain health conditions. Health conditions that our dog would have seem to gradually start showing symptoms for, it just seemed very unrelated to the fact that my dog started gasping for air out of the blue, this did not seem to have developed over time. Nino was a very healthy dog his entire life, we never had the need to take him in for any situations like these. During an exchange of questions and answers over the phone about the situation, I got a ton of "maybes, probably, hopefully" I did not get any response that assured me that my dog was going to come home feeling better. I explained my concerns to the Vet, he seemed to get defensive and responded by saying "Your dog seems to be acting a little dramatic, and that's his way of responding to the situation, but the bones seem to be pretty gone, they have dissolved in his stomach." That was not a way for a "qualified professional" to talk about one of their patients. My dog was sent home on medications, we considered taking him to other vets or to the E.R but unfortunately Nino had run out of time. He passed away after we brought him home, He passed away after he was sent home to die an unfortunate and very sad to watch painful death by Gasping for his last breaths of air. Nino was a happy dog, and he lived a very happy and healthy life, Our dog was not Dramatic. He just wasn't able to breath, and a "accredited professional" was not able to see that. R.I.P Nino.With this review, I by no means speak badly of the location, or the service. I just question the credibility of the ones who work here whom take "care" of our animals. I question whether the Vet was qualified enough to find what was wrong with my dog, or if he just found more profit in medicating him. If he had the slightest idea that my dog was not going to make it through the night, or even past the hour after sending him home, I would of preferred an easier way for my dog to rest.Many will say that I am acting out on emotion, and they are right. I have a recording of the way the Vet spoke to us, I think many would be upset as well if they heard the recording of how he spoke about our dog over the phone. I am grieving and so is my family, specially our 3 year old after saying her lasts Goodbye to her best friend Nino. And his son Peto whom would not leave his side after realizing he passed away.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (27)

Yvette Iris

3 years ago

I called today, to ask for prices for my cat, to be spaded, the man who answered was extremely rude and impatient. He also hung up on me when I thanked him for the info. I will never go there.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (28)

Alexa Soto

3 years ago

We brought our dog in today for a routine vet appointment (also his first appointment at this place) and I could not explain how rude and dismissive this doctor was. Firstly, the staff seem terribly overwhelmed and busy. The only good parts of this experience were the receptionist and the nurse. One full hour after they took our dog, the vet called us with an update. When the vet got on the phone, the first thing she said sarcastically was “wow, he has A LOT of energy.” She followed up with, he was “angrily” biting at us. My dog is universally loved and has NEVER “angrily” bitten anyone. He does, however, lightly put his mouth on your hand if he doesn’t like where you’re touching. But, why am I explaining this? Because as a VETERINARIAN you should understand that he is a literal puppy and maybe you should set aside more time to calm new puppy patients down BEFORE you start the exam. This has never happened and would have never happened had the vet took out the time to help our dog relax. Not only that, but when we asked if we could get her help and opinion on using Chewy for the prescription she seemed annoyed, dismissive, and downright appalled by the thought. She then said “well, I have other appointments so call us back when you’ve figured it out.” And then the conversation was over. How rude. Never returning.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (29)

Molly Murray

3 years ago

Dr Silverman & Miller are top notch in my book. They are great with my animals, even those that aren't thrilled to be there. VWV has gone above & beyond for so many (I experienced first hand) and the type I trust with my fur babies!

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (30)

Samantha Anderson

3 years ago

Saw Dr. Miller for a couple years. She was fine, but rushed. The vet techs were great. The desk staff is completely incompetent and rude and the reason we are finding vet services elsewhere.

Village West Veterinary - Illinois, Chicago | Reviews on thePets (2024)
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