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DeltaMath is a teacher-created math platform used by millions of students and teachers from all around the globe. Founded in 2009 by Zach Korzyk, a visionary math teacher, DeltaMath has since garnered a global user base, captivating millions of students and teachers with its comprehensive, practice-oriented approach to mathematics.

DeltaMath offers vast repository of over 1,800 types of math problems, meticulously aligned with the Common Core standards for grades 6 through 12. The platform provides randomized problems, ensuring that students have endless opportunities to hone their skills and receive immediate, insightful feedback on their performance. Such features not only facilitate a deep, nuanced understanding of mathematical concepts but also foster a culture of self-directed learning and continuous improvement.

Delta Math Features

DeltaMath offers a wide array of features tailored to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. Here are the key features that make DeltaMath stand out:

  • Over 1,800 Problem Types: Offers a vast collection of math problems, covering grades 6 through 12, aligned with Common Core standards, ensuring a wide range of topics and difficulties.
  • Randomized Problems: Provides students with unlimited practice opportunities through randomized math problems, enhancing learning outcomes by preventing memorization.
  • Auto-Grading System: Features an integrated auto-grading system that gives students instant feedback on their performance, allowing for immediate correction and understanding.
  • Custom Graph Creation: Enables students to create and automatically grade graphs, offering instant feedback along with the correct answers for improved learning.
  • Teacher Customization: Teachers can create assignments and tailor specific problem types to students. The Plus version further allows for the creation of self-graded and custom problems for individual or group assignments.
  • Differentiated Instruction: Facilitates differentiated teaching and learning by allowing teachers to use site tracking data to analyze students’ performance and tailor assignments for remedial work or additional practice.
  • Interactive Problem Features: Incorporates interactive features and visual cues in math problems to guide students toward the correct answers, making complex concepts more understandable.
  • Visual and Illustrative Components: A growing number of math problems include visuals and illustrative components to aid in explaining the procedural steps and facilitating the comprehension of abstract concepts.
  • Instructional Videos: DeltaMath Plus provides instructional videos for every problem type, and teachers can also assign videos from YouTube, enriching the learning experience with multimedia resources.
  • Customizable Assignments: Enables easy creation and sharing of assignments with students, including setting specific due dates, selecting skills, and monitoring student progress with detailed timestamps and completion grades.
  • Aggregate Data and Export Options: Offers teachers the ability to view and export aggregate student completion grades and detailed performance data for comprehensive analysis and feedback.
  • Cheat Prevention Tools: Includes tools designed to prevent cheating, ensuring that students engage with the material authentically and responsibly.
  • Flexible Subscription Options: Available in both a free version for basic use and a Plus version for individual teachers, offering additional features for a more customized teaching experience. School/District licenses are also available, providing wider access and further capabilities.

DeltaMath Pricing

The platform offers a DeltaMath Teacher Free version, which includes unlimited assignments, unlimited student practice, over 1,800 premade problem types aligned to Common Core, autograding, detailed student data with timestamps, evidence of student progress, cheat prevention tools, and the ability to copy and share assignments—all at no cost.

For educators seeking enhanced features, the DeltaMath Plus (Individual Teacher) subscription is available at $95 per teacher. This premium option adds instructional videos for every problem type, the ability to assign videos from YouTube, create tests and test corrections, select specific problem sub-types, assign specific problems to individuals or groups, and create custom problems. For schools or districts needing wider access, DeltaMath Plus (School/District License) offers a tailored solution, with pricing available upon request.

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Closing thoughts

For educators, DeltaMath serves as a versatile and powerful instructional tool. Its ability to create customized assignments, coupled with the Plus version’s enhanced features, allows for targeted teaching strategies that can accommodate diverse learning needs. Teachers can leverage this platform to track student performance, tailor their instruction based on real-time data, and provide differentiated support through ad hoc assignments. Moreover, the inclusion of step-by-step problem-solving guides and interactive, visually rich problems demystifies complex concepts, making math more accessible and engaging for students.

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What Is DeltaMath? - Educators Technology (2024)
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